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Protecting Your Team's Information

Data breaches and online attacks are becoming increasingly common for large and small companies. The latest breaches to hit the news [uber, lastpass, cisco] all involved social engineering and a home breach. You might be looking out for your network security, you may be looking out for your executive security, but does that scale across your organization, especially when everyone is working from home? Companies need to take measures to protect their sensitive information and reputation. One important step is to use a privacy monitoring and data removal service like Kanary.

Why Teams Need Data Removal Services

Data breaches can have devastating consequences for companies, including loss of customer trust, financial penalties, and legal repercussions. In addition, Doxxing Threats can put the personal and professional safety of team members at risk. A data removal service can help mitigate these risks by monitoring and removing sensitive information from the internet. This includes personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as professional information like email addresses and work history. There are also less severe but helpful effects like reducing the amount of email or phone spam which helps improve focus and productivity.

Pros of Using Kanary for Your Team

Kanary is the leading data removal service to prevent Doxxing and Social Engineering. We offer special packages for teams so we can deliver continued value to your employees and to your security team. First, members can choose between flexible personal or family accounts, depending on their needs. This allows them to protect their personal and professional information, as well as that of their family members. Second, team members can add or remove employees to the company account, making management of permissions and costs seamless. Finally, Kanary allows admins to see the overall exposure of their team and suggest new site integrations, ensuring that the service stays up-to-date with the latest threats.

One of the most important benefits of using Kanary for your team is the new 'urgent' mode that any member can access in case of a Doxxing Threat. This feature enables you to escalate your request to the top of our queue of requests, ensuring a faster response time. This is especially important in urgent situations where time is of the essence.

What about other services like Deleteme or Optery?

Deleteme and Optery are both fine choices for data removal services. Deleteme is the oldest and therefore most well-known options. They’ve also recently invested in a sales team to scale outbound marketing and b2b sales. This does not change the fact that many teams are looking for a more affordable option and more powerful option to their privacy and doxxing problems than Deleteme. Optery is a more accessible option and makes it easy to get started for free. The drawback is that the service itself is focused on data brokers, and won’t cover a more complex scenario where your team’s information is popping up outside of their specific data broker list.

Most importantly, no other service provides an ‘Urgent’ mode that is there no matter what might go wrong, to guide you and your team through the worst case scenario. We know most teams don’t need it, and hope you never will need to use it. But Kanary is the best partner both for prevention and in moments of crisis.

Is Kanary Right For Your Team?

Kanary is built Data breaches and online attacks are a growing threat to companies and their employees. Using a data removal service like Kanary can help mitigate these risks and protect sensitive information. With flexible personal or family accounts, the ability to add family members, and the option to suggest new site integrations, Kanary is a great choice for teams looking to protect themselves. The new 'urgent' mode is just another example of how Kanary is committed to providing the most responsive and effective service to our users. Sign up today to protect your company's security and reputation!

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