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Joining Kanary means you agree to follow these terms.

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By using Kanary, you agree to these simple terms.
They apply to everyone who uses Kanary, both free and premium accounts.

You designate Kanary as an 'Authorized Agent' to submit data removal requests on your behalf.

Kanary only submits removal requests for information you tell us to remove.

You agree to only submit removal requests for information about you, your dependents or someone you're a guardian of.

Kanary may require information from you to verify your identity. You understand that your responsiveness dictates the success of data removals.

You understand that certain removals (ie your Amazon account) require action from you.

At this time, Kanary cannot guarantee 100% of removals. Some will require you to log into your account and request that the account provider delete your account or your data. Kanary commits to providing resources to make any removals that require your attention as easy as possible.

Features, services, and prices we offer may vary.

You understand that Kanary has the right to modify, terminate, or expand its scope of services for paid and free accounts.

You can pause or cancel your account at any time.

As a paid or free subscriber, you understand that you have the flexibility to cancel at any time should Kanary not meet your expectations.

Last updated: 2021-09-03

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