About Us

Kanary is made with love by a team of engineers, analysts, and data scientists.

What makes us different

Kanary helps you protect your digital identity. You may be dealing with spam, trolls, breaches, or harassment like our founders did before starting Kanary. Or maybe you want to be proactive about pieces of your online presence that could impact you. Hundreds of apps and websites make it convenient for you to share information. Where do you start?

You could spend hundreds of hours searching, opting out, and sending emails to remove risks yourself. Or by joining Kanary, you can cover thousands of sites and remove risks with one click.

Kanary is the 'Swiffer' for your online presence. We scour the internet for sites posting data about you - your home address, phone numbers, leaked passwords and emails. Your online presence, preferences, and risks are unique to you. We use that context to personalize how we remove the information that puts your privacy and security at risk.


If you need help getting started or have an idea to share, let's find some time to chat. Rachel Vrabec, CEO

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