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Working at Kanary

The Opportunity

As a founding member of Kanary, you'll have the opportunity to imagine and build products that make a real difference in people's safety, security, and privacy. We need new tools and services to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a rapidly changing landscape of threats online and in the real world. Kanary scans the internet, removes listings, and makes sure personal information stays private. This is just the start. Come help us redefine how websites, companies, and individuals treat your information.


Generous, competitive salary and employee-friendly equity in Kanary.


We're remote with a hub in Seattle. Being a remote team has been and will be an advantage as we hire exceptional people and tackle more complex global privacy challenges. We coordinate quarterly trips and recognize the benefit of IRL collaboration.


We are a small, highly cross-functional team. You'll be a core part of shaping our culture and mission. We collaborate, move quickly, try not to break things, and help each other do our best work. We don't take ourselves too seriously and trust each other to manage our time effectively.


We're venture-backed. 2048 Ventures (Alex Iskold) and First Star Ventures (Drew Volpe) are our primary investors. They support our commitment to challenge the status quo, defend privacy, and build a better internet. Our other investors and advisors include mission-aligned leaders from DuckDuckGo, Mozilla Firefox, Datadog, and Github.

Our Hiring Process

We start with an intro call and take a look at your past work if you can share it. That might be a portfolio or a git repo. Then we'll set up a discussion so you can get to know our team, our mission, and how we could work together. With that background, we'll collaborate on a project or case study. We won't ask you about abstract algorithms or expect you to spend a weekend working for free. The final step is to debrief what did and didn't go well about the project and answer any remaining questions. From first intro until making a decision, we typically take between one and four weeks to know if it's a good fit. Throughout the process, we want to make sure you can show off your strengths and get to know our team.

Open Roles:

Backend Engineer

We’re looking for a backend engineer to help us build and grow our system for automating security risk detection and data removal requests for individuals. You might be a fit if you have experience doing CTF challenges, distributed systems work and/or web scraping. If you want to be on the ground level of building the most advanced automation platform for personal data security, privacy, and safety, keep reading.

As a backend-focused engineer, you’ll own projects involving infrastructure, devops, data flows, and APIs. But as an early startup teammate, you’ll likely work across all parts of our product, marketing, and strategy.

Some examples:

  • Using hardware and software to navigate the web anonymously

  • Using LLM agents to build internal tools for developers and support

  • Reverse engineer identification systems meant to harvest data and discriminate access

Tactically, our software runs on AWS and we use Django and React. Strong knowledge of Python, Go, and SQL is a plus. If you learn quickly and love the mission, but don’t have these core skills, please still reach out. We care most about people who are fantastic teammates over industry experts.


Introduce yourself by sending a quick email to [email protected]. Tell us why you're reaching out and we'll get back to you within 2 days about next steps.

Engineering Intern

Kanary is a highly technical team looking for engineering interns. You'll be working alongside alumni from IBM, Civis Data Science, GoodRX, Stanford, Northwestern, Mozilla, ID Police Academy, and Tableau. Our goal is to build an amazing product and fulfilling culture. We love working with students or recent grads who are eager to learn about early stage startups and software development. Our interns add a ton of value and we believe in paying them for their contribution.

What you'll achieve:

You'll learn a ton. You'll contribute to the growth of an early-stage startup & learn how to protect personal data through automation. Learning is great, but our interns also impact our company objectives & mission! Our latest intern shipped critical code to production in their first 2 weeks. Another decided they wanted to run our Twitter account too and tripled our follower count. Another took on captchas and built a solver using low-code tools in 1 week.

Your internship experience:

You'll have weekly meetings with our dev leads and founder. Your work will be in production within the first week and critical to our team's success. Most of our work can be async and via Slack if you're doing other internships, in a bootcamp, or taking courses. 

This quarter, we'll work together on improving the resilience and scope of our automation. Strong analytical skills will be necessary to dig into our data and identify new performance issues. We'll want to hear about your ideas for optimizing performance and increasing development speed. We'll help you implement the best ones. 

In addition to high-priority issues, there is always something new to work on. If you're interested in fullstack development or data science, we'll create the time for you to develop your skills and contribute.


  • Proactive and open communicator

  • Collaborative and unafraid to ask for help

  • Able to complete and test work quickly and on schedule

  • Excelled in prior work or internships

  • Experienced with web development, excited to learn new languages & frameworks


Introduce yourself by sending a quick email to [email protected]. Tell us why you're reaching out and we'll get back to you within 2 days about next steps.

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