Identity Theft & Bad Credit: Can Kanary Fix It?


Mar 16, 2023

Do data breaches and leaks cause identity theft?

In 2021, 5.7 million Americans reported identity theft, an increase from 4.7 million who said they had faced issues in 2020. The most common type of identity theft in 2021 was credit card fraud, with more than 2.8 million reported cases. Scammers can find enough information to open accounts by acquiring data available online, often following breaches or public data leaks. Most people don’t know that with a few pieces of personal information, anyone can contact credit agencies, government record holders, and employers to successfully get sensitive documents. Once in the hands of the wrong person, documents like tax forms, credit reports, or birth certificates make it much easier to access serious financial resources.

Can Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) cause identity theft?

Personal data used to be difficult to gather. Dossiers of personal information like names, associations, addresses and accounts used to take hundreds of hours to research and orchestration. Now, with the internet and artificial intelligence, all the information a scammer needs might be a few searches. With automation rapidly improving, artificial intelligence makes these types of attacks even faster for bad actors. It can be overwhelming to think about. But one of the best things you can do to prevent against becoming a target is to secure your accounts and keep your sensitive personal information private.

How does Kanary helps prevent identity theft?

We were proud to be independently recommended by in a recent post about fraud prevention and identity theft. Bad Credit's mission is to inform and educate Americans with bad credit, enabling better credit decisions and a brighter financial future. While Kanary won't solve a credit problem, our team focuses on making Kanary better and better at reducing personal data exposure that makes id theft / scams easier. Check out their perspective on Kanary and why they've independently recommend us.

The article covers our powerful free and premium data monitoring and removal options. It also highlights the automation and algorithms that allow us to help people remove the most sensitive and important data from public view first.  Public figures and influencers may worry about their public safety if their home addresses are posted online; Kanary's tools can help anyone eliminate that information. They are spot on about our mission to help people stay safe and take action when they need to through building easy to use software.

Don't be a sitting duck.

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