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Kanary for Free? Give $10, get $10 with Referrals


Jul 8, 2023

Privacy is a team sport. The more people demanding control over their information, the less surveillance and targeting we will accept as a society. When you join Kanary, you’re contributing to a fast growing membership of privacy advocates who are taking action now to help themselves and their loved ones stay safe.

Our team doesn’t buy pesky ads or bombard you with marketing. Our success relies on you spreading the word about Kanary. We get that when you share Kanary, you’re doing us a huge favor! That's why we're thrilled to launch a Give $10, Get $10 referral to reward you for spreading the word about Kanary and helping others take action to safeguard their digital lives.

How does it work?

When you refer someone to Kanary premium, and they are a member for at least 2 months, you both get a $10 credit applied to your account. You can refer as many people as you want - the credit applies until your membership cost is $0.

Screenshot of location to find personalized code for referral

Here are the steps to send a referral:

  1. Join as a paid member, set up your account.

  2. Go to referrals in your settings.

  3. Click ‘copy code’ or 'share via email'.

  4. If you choose to share via email, our email template will automatically generate the message and our support team is cc’d in case of questions.

  5. You enter in the email you want to send the invite to, and click send.

  6. The person you invited uses the referral code from their invite email to join. (Alternately, you can copy your referral code from the referral page and share it however you’d like.)

    screenshot of payment options
  7. If your family or friend stays on as a member for at least 2 months, you both receive a $10 credit towards your membership.

  8. Go to referrals in your settings to see the credit.

  9. Both you and the person you referred get a confirmation email from our team!

Who is eligible for the referral program?

All active, paid members of Kanary are eligible to participate in our referral program. Unfortunately, Free Trial members are not eligible for referrals.

Why should you consider referring a friend or loved one?

  1. Covering More Family: Adding numerous family members to your account can quickly become costly. By referring them to Kanary instead, you can enjoy the benefits of our services at a more affordable price.

  2. Strengthened Protection: Invasive sites often publish personal information alongside that of former roommates, coworkers, and family members. The more people you know using Kanary, the stronger the protection for everyone involved.

  3. Earn Free Membership: When someone you refer joins Kanary for a minimum of two months, both you and the new member will receive a $10 discount on your respective memberships. This means you could potentially enjoy your Kanary membership for free by actively sharing the benefits with others.

Share Kanary, share Privacy

Hundreds of members have used Kanary referrals to spread the word and get the same great Kanary service for a little less cost. Join now to get started. If you have any questions or need further assistance with our referral program, check out our FAQ or reach out to our team at [email protected].

Don't be a sitting duck.

Find where your personal information is being exposed online and remove it for good.

Or, send us a note [email protected]. We’ll respond within a day!

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