What to expect as a
Kanary member.

What happens during your first 30 days

Ongoing support for your priorities

Day 1: You become a premium member!

  • You create a profile, update your information, add loved ones, verify your details, and start a scan.
  • Kanary scans the web for your information and takes about 24 hours to complete.

Day 2-3: Your first scan completes

  • Kanary automatically starts sending requests to remove you from the worst sites. Some sites (ie Facebook) require your help or approval to update.
  • You review the results we need your help on and let Kanary know how to proceed.

Day 4-14: Kanary submits and reviews removals

  • Kanary is busy scanning and responding to sites to verify requests and check if any data has been successfully removed.
  • You sit back and relax, or reach out to Kanary if you have a specific concern we can help with.

Day 15 or sooner: You start seeing completed removals!

  • You’ll start seeing completed removals on your dashboard. Kanary resubmits any requests that were rejected or blocked by a site. If there are any issues we need your help on or think you can speed up, we let you know.

Day 30: Kanary checks for new and resurfaced exposures

  • You'll see a new scan running in your account. If you want to start a scan sooner, you can run one any time from your account.
  • If there are any issues we need your help on or think you can speed up, we let you know.

After day 30: Kanary focuses on tough removals

  • We research why certain sites are not responding to our requests. We do everything we can to help you remove yourself or respond to a threat. We get it, it’s frustrating to wait this long for a removal to complete. As we work through these issues, we are transparent with you about what’s happening and how you can help.

End of month: Kanary updates you on our progress

  • Kanary sends you an email report covering how many items are in progress, how many are removed, and what needs your approval or help. If you can take a preventative action to protect yourself, we let you know (ie updating privacy settings or resetting your password).

Ongoing: Kanary responds within 24 hours to questions or requests for help

  • Our goal is to make it easier for you to protect your private information and stay safe. If you have an urgent situation or concern, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours with more information and help however we can.

Ongoing: You can track progress in your Kanary account

  • Your Kanary account reflects the latest scan activity, removal requests, escalations, and verifications. Whenever you need to check on our progress, you can visit your dashboard.

Ongoing: You request to pause or cancel your account

  • Everyone has different needs and expectations when trying to protect their privacy. If you're a monthly member and want to pause your account, just let us know and we won't actively work on your removals or charge you until you un-pause. If you try Kanary and find it isn't a fit, we'll help you cancel and delete your data immediately. We'll ask you to share feedback and will do everything we can to improve the service and better meet expectations.

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