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When it comes to Kanary reviews, our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We've redacted full names for privacy. Here's what they're saying about using Kanary to manage their privacy.

"Just really like your approach"

I'm so glad I came across your product on the Big Ass Data Broker Opt-Out List. I like your approach to privacy and security. I enjoyed hearing your founder on a podcast last year. I was debating between some of your competitors like Privacy Duck, DeleteMe, Spartacus and OneRep when I came across you. Just really like your approach.

Josh - Kanary Member Since 2020

"Being Google-Search-Free"

Thanks SO much for the kind, supportive help. I'm very interested in keeping my personal information as private as legally possible, chiefly due to being a abuse survivor. I prefer to be as 'Google search free' as feasible.

Cara - Kanary Nonprofit Member

"The support staff is TOP NOTCH"

Having worked in the IT environment for 20 years I was skeptical that any process would be able to remove data from the internet web sites. I was EXTREMELY surprised that I was wrong, and in fact, Kanary works extremely well. The support staff is TOP NOTCH. Various times I submitted URL of Web sites where I had found my information, but at the time The Kanary did not. The staff researched to confirm and IF found the data was removed. I recommend this company to all interested in removing their personal information from the web.

Jerry - Kanary Member Since 2022

"Used Kanary with good results"

If you've ever searched your name on Google and found your address on sites like Spokeo or Intelius, you can directly request removal from them. If you can afford to pay for a service, members of our staff have used Kanary with good results.

"100% bought in"

I've followed Kanary's progress for the last year and am 100% bought in. This team is making the internet a better and safer place for everyone.

"What a relief"

Thank you for providing this service! What a relief to have someone doing all the work. Thank you so much for your speedy responses.

Shari - Kanary Member Since 2021

"Pay a nominal fee monthly and relax for a while"

Thank you Kanary for a paid service that is ongoing. No qualified therapist offers what you do -technically speaking. Piece of mind can be costly these days. One small suggestion... TAG LINE: Pay a nominal fee monthly and relax for a while. Or, hire a damage control firm for $1,000,000 and get the same results - maybe!

Kelly - Kanary Member Since 2021

"I'm impressed"

I had to write to say I'm impressed with how many listings of me you've caught. You just spotted me in a local govt PDF. There are others sites I've never heard of or seen in 'how to remove yourself' lists, so your service isn't just saving me time on what I could do myself. I was using a competitor before and was disappointed they weren't covering some major sources. They also only scanned once a quarter. You've caught three times as many listings-- including ones they should have--and you're cheaper! Best wishes for your business' success.

Mike - Kanary Member Since 2020

"Good experience with Kanary"

Many offer different opt-out services. Of all the options, I have personally paid for and had good experiences with Kanary.

"Peace of mind is priceless"

Amazing service and platform! The time savings are immeasurable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Arvin - Kanary Member Since Launch

"I'll be happy to recommend it"

Great site! I really enjoyed signing up and using it, I looked around at the code and your Reddit and other social. Very cool product, I'll be happy to recommend it!

Aaron - Kanary Member Since 2021

"Wholeheartedly recommend working with them"

I've advised Kanary for the last year (and been a member of the service) and can wholeheartedly recommend working with them.

"Check out Kanary. They lead the way to earning your privacy back!"

So. If your are ever wondering how someone can break into a company that spends millions on defense for less than $10.00. I can show you. Privacy is a personal responsibility. Check out Kanary. They lead the way to earning your privacy back!!

"Forget about tedious management"

Submitting removal requests takes hours of tedious management and follow up. Businesses make it difficult on purpose. Kanary provides a solution to this problem and finds and removes information about you online.

Bill D. - ITEGA Privacy Beat 2020

"Remove sensitive info with just 1 click"

By the time a company reports a data breach, it's too late for the user to defend themselves. Kanary helps users automatically remove sensitive information that is at risk of being stolen with just one click.

"Thank you for your help."

I'm going to cc you on my requests to these companies. I've been working on this all year and sometimes things are more difficult than they need to be. Thank you for your help.

Gayle - Kanary Member Since 2020

"My information is off Beenverified!"

I know you know lots more tricks than I do... we are getting the listings and databrokers under control day by day! My information is off Beenverified! Even behind the subscription part. Thank you guys very much!

Ernest - Kanary Member Since 2022

"Status always on the dashboard."

I appreciate that Kanary gives me updates every month, and that I can check the status always on the dashboard.

Kelsey - Kanary Member Since 2021

Kanary Review FAQs

"How Is Kanary Rated?"

Kanary's been recommended by Mozilla Firefox, Forbes, Consumer Reports, and PC Magazine. We're rated highly for being fast to help with support requests and having broad coverage of sites. We've received mostly 5 star and 4 star reviews, and a few 3 star reviews along the way. We always appreciate people letting us know how we're doing and what we can do to improve.

Rachel - Kanary CEO

"What Does Kanary Cost?"

Kanary is the most affordable way to protect your privacy online. We offer flexible month to month plans for as low as $12 / month as well as further discounted yearly plans. Our full scan is available to anyone for free. We believe privacy tools and services should be accessible to everyone.

Ashley - Kanary Support Lead

"What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Kanary?"

Pros: You hold the bad guys accountable. You reduce your exposures and risks. You can easily look out for loved ones with Kanary's family options. Cons: You need to share information so Kanary is able to help you. As an active social media or internet user, things might resurface. Kanary doesn't help you prevent your data from leaking - yet.

Jordan - Kanary CTO

"How Does Kanary Compare To Competitors Like DeleteMe, Optery, Or OneRep?"

We started Kanary because there was a gap in what data removal companies were doing. Some were even affiliated with data brokers themselves (yuck). We started Kanary to be an independent and member-aligned group with the sole mission of helping you remove your information to protect your privacy, security, and identity. We cover the most sites of any data removal service and offer speedy and extremely helpful member support.

Ashley - Kanary Support Lead

"Can I Get A Refund After I Try Your Service?"

Yes, please give us a try and if you don't see removals after 1 month, we'll happily process a refund. All it takes is 1 email to our support team.

Ashley - Kanary Support Lead

"Is This Automated Or Human-Driven?"

After thousands of manual data removal requests, our team developed a process to efficiently identify, remove, and verify data leaks. Our engineering team builds automation to scale our process to hundreds of sites and thousands of members

Jordan - Kanary CTO

"Why Is My Information Still On Google?"

Kanary focuses on removing your information from the source: data broker websites, social media posts, and people search records. Google copies these sites and checks periodically if the information is still there. Once it's been removed from the source, Google will re-check and remove it from their results. This takes some time and may mean we remove you from the source but it takes Google at least 2-3 weeks to also clear your information.

Rachel - Kanary CEO

"Why Are Sites Like This Even Legally Allowed To Exist?"

Before the internet, we had the physical phone book. It was a good way for people in the same community to get in touch with each other. And you could unlist yourself from the phone book if you wanted privacy. Today, our laws haven't evolved to help people de-list themselves from the internet. It's not just a legal problem but a technical one too. How does a government hold a site hosted in another country accountable? Kanary finally solves this problem and helps people reclaim their privacy.

Rachel - Kanary CEO

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