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Dec 18, 2023

The Cost of Quality in a Cat and Mouse Game

Over the course of 2023, our small but dedicated team has improved the speed and experience of finding and removing your personal data. We’ve added 30+ sites to our scan and been hands on with countless removal escalations. We’ve built features to improve your results accuracy, cover new sites quickly, make onboarding as easy as 3 clicks, and added screenshots to speed up validation. We’ve experimented with various ways to prove authenticity while protecting your identity. We are thrilled to have discovered several breakthroughs.

But, we operate an adversarial system. The sites we scan and remove you from are also innovating, blocking, or slowing down removal requests. It's a game of cat and mouse. And in some cases an even less pleasant game of whack a mole. Because of the increased push back from sites, our engineering costs to provide a high quality service have increased.

We’ve also experienced increasing competition from lower quality services. At our beta launch in 2019, Kanary was the most affordable option in the market, Deleteme was really the only other option and was (and still is) quite expensive. But since, companies like Norton ($199.99/yr), Privacy Bee ($197/yr), Optery ($249/yr), OneRep ($180/yr), EasyOptOuts ($19.99/yr), Consumer Reports (Free), Discover (Free), and Aura ($180/yr) have all launched low cost or free options for data removal. While this competition can be stressful for business, it is definitely good for society and privacy as a whole.

But it also means people mistakenly look at our prices and equate our high quality coverage and customer service with lower quality options in similar price ranges. So, instead of competing in a race to the bottom on price and quality, our decision as a team is to continue innovating, providing excellent customer support, elegant product design, and effective automation.

No one likes a price hike but when costs rise and there’s pressure to differentiate, we act. It honestly pains us to make Kanary more expensive to those who need it most. But we are also committed to excellent support and high quality results which come at a cost. Come January 2024, we will be raising our prices and making changes to the features available to monthly vs annual members.

The Price Change

Starting December 26, our pricing will increase by 20%. That’s about $3 more per person per month than our current prices. We’re still dedicated to supporting members who cover their family with Kanary. So, family members added onto plans will still be 50% off the list price.

New pricing

  • Pay monthly for 1 individual: $16.99 / month

  • Pay annually for 1 Individual, save 10%: $179.88 / year

  • Add on family members monthly, save 50%: $8.49 / month / added member

  • Add on family members yearly, save 50%: $89.88 / year / added member

  • 14 Day Free Trial & Free DIY removal tiers remain available

Locking in 2023 prices

For existing members, billing will change to new prices after January 8th. If you’re on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to an annual plan and lock in 2023 rates: $144 for individual, $249 for family. By upgrading now, you can save over $59.99 for the year.

In the 4 years since we launched Kanary, we’ve never raised prices on our existing members. This is our first time adjusting existing member prices to our rising costs so it may seem aggressive. To make the adjustment easier for members, we’re encouraging folks to upgrade to annual as well as take advantage of our free tier.

By raising our prices, we’ll be able to keep up with costs as well as innovate on the infrastructure that makes the cat and mouse game less tedious. We’re excited to be launching new features exclusively for our annual members in 2024. One more reason to upgrade to annual and lock in 2023 prices.

New members:

Current members:

If safety and privacy are core to how you operate your family, your business, and your life, Kanary is the best choice. Here’s to a safer and more private 2024.

The Kanary Team

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