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Jun 27, 2023

We get the frustration. Too much information about you and your team is exposed for just anyone to find. Sales people and recruiters look up your company, purchase your cell phone data, and start hammering with cold calls and texts. It's a big distraction.

In addition, a fraction of your team and these exposures have the risk of being used for much more malicious and targeted attacks like doxxing. With a simple search, a bad actor might have all they need to launch a convincing phish or social engineering attack.

Considering the spread of personal info on the web, the prospect of starting to "clean up" might feel daunting. But by reducing your team's digital footprint with Kanary, you make gathering intelligence and launching convincing attacks more time-consuming and difficult. Help your team stay focused by staying out of reach for spammers, scammers, and hackers alike.

Curious what we’re all about?

We’re a tight-knit team of techies and builders. We believe in getting the job done right. This is why top corporations, startups, and nonprofit teams trust Kanary with their privacy and security. And why Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, and Mozilla rates us a top choice for data removal. Read more about our culture, investors, and team on our hiring page. Or check out the honest truth from Reddit posts about us on r/privacy, r/privacyguides, and our own sub r/kanary.

If you don't see your question answered, reach out to [email protected]

Frequent Questions About Kanary For Teams

Where are you based?

Kanary is a US-Founded, Delaware Incorporated, and Chicago, Illinois, and Seattle, Washington-based company. Our (and your) data stays in US data centers where our systems automate scanning and removals, and our QA team makes sure everything works according to plan. We are not affiliated with any data brokers via partnerships or advertising and are not affiliated with any non-US entities.

How big is your team?

We are a small and mighty team, aiming to raise the bar on privacy services. Our passion is to improve our privacy by building cutting-edge technology and supporting thousands of members and companies every day. We are currently a dedicated team of ~10 engineers, data analysts, and operations specialists. We are growing fast! Check in to get the latest number if you’re reading this. Check out our team page to see where we're hiring.

How do you compare to other sites (DeleteMe, OneRep, EasyOptOuts…)?

Our members choose Kanary because of our in-depth data removal (we prioritize and de-index results from Google & other search engines), large and growing site list, transparent reporting, and fast and hands-on personal support. Some competitors may have more years in market, but we have the most energy, engagement with our membership, and commitment to shaking up the status quo to establish privacy as a digital right.

How much does it cost?

Our enterprise accounts can be monthly or yearly. Yearly cost starts at $144 per person (see our pricing options). With organizations of 100 accounts or more, please reach out to learn more about further discounts available. We offer teams individual plans or discounted coverage for family members too. Privacy is a team sport!

What admin features are there for managing accounts / billing?

Kanary allows teams to appoint one or several ‘admins’ to manage the administrative accounting across the team. Admins have access to a dashboard that tells them:

  • number of exposures

  • number of members on their account

  • number of completed removals

  • pending invites / actions

Every month, admins receive a monthly report in their email with additional details on progress and exposures.

Kanary makes it easy for admins to onboard their teams all at once by uploading a simple spreadsheet of basic account details. With one click, Kanary invites your team to sign up and finish setup. In less than 5 minutes, your monitoring and removal across your entire team can start.

With default configuration, your team's accounts stay private to them and are managed by them. If you are managing accounts on behalf of executives and need to see specific exposures or data, please reach out to learn more about our admin-managed account settings.

If someone leaves my team can they keep their account?

Yes! We make it easy for members to keep their history and removals active, but transfer billing and account ownership to their personal email.

Otherwise, when someone leaves the service, all their personal data is deleted.

What information do you cover?

We work to identify where your personal information is being exposed online and remove it for good. Information that will be monitored includes:

  • names

  • phone numbers

  • relationships / family members

  • addresses

  • birthdays

  • emails

  • pseudonyms / usernames

By monitoring this data we also can remove associated photos, password breaches, and company information, but removals will depend on their violations of privacy law or permissibility by public records law.

What sites do you cover? Can anyone suggest a new site?

We cover the most sites of any service. If you email our support team with a site suggestion, we commit to reviewing it, letting you know if and how a removal might be possible, and then add it to the system. We are the only service that provides this level of hands-on support for all our members!

What if you cannot remove something?

If you submit a site that Kanary doesn’t currently cover or cannot remove from, our QA team will look into the steps needed to complete the removal or reduce the risk and pass them on to you. We also work with regulators to report violations and escalate non-compliance.

What else?

Read our product FAQ for more details on Kanary and our ‘How It Works’ page for guidance on removal timelines.

Don’t trust a FAQ! Try it for yourself, then invite your teammates to the free trial. Free removals included! Start the 14-day trial.

Don't be a sitting duck.

Find where your personal information is being exposed online and remove it for good.

Or, send us a note [email protected]. We’ll respond within a day!

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