Frequently Asked

Kanary has scanned 20,000+ sites and actively monitors the top 325+ harmful sites for members. If a site pops up that we haven't covered, any member can email our support team for a review. We take every exposure seriously and do our best to help.

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Yes, removing your information is our focus. For free members, we share step by step instructions for sending removal requests yourself. For paid members, we automate as much of the removal process as possible, then our support team actively works with you to stop unwanted websites from sharing your information. There are limits to what can and cannot legally be redacted for privacy, so we help you understand those limits and take steps to protect yourself.

You have the option to add various names, aliases, phone numbers, addresses, usernames, dates of birth and family information so that Kanary can find and remove risks.

You sign up, add family members, immediately scan for your information, and begin removals for known risks. To help every member deal with their unique set of concerns, we have a dynamic approach for finding new sites for every member. No single person's digital presence is the same. You can trigger a scan to run at any time. You may want to update your information or want to scan more frequently than once a month. Members have access to an account where you can review the sites we've found, suggest new sites we may have missed, and help us remove information more quickly by sharing context and information.

Above 70% for every user of our service. As we find and remove information from thousands of sites, this might change over time. We cannot guarantee information removal but we never stop following up, reporting, and escalating sites that put our users at risk.

First, we never share or sell your personal information. Second, we examine our use of 3rd party software carefully and use it sparingly. This allows us to have full control and understanding of where your information goes and how it's secured. Finally, we give you options for protecting your account with 2FA. You can read about our security and privacy practices here: Kanary Privacy & Security.

Yes! Kanary offers a free membership for people who want to manage removals themselves. For our removal service, there is no trial option at the moment. If you or your community are interested in trying Kanary before joining, please reach out to [email protected]

Kanary is the best way to stay aware and proactive about your unique online identity. Other security tools like dashlane, lastpass, and haveibeepwned don't give you a personalized or proactive view of your privacy risks. They also don't remove risks or help your resolve them.

For now, Kanary only checks for names, phone numbers, addresses, and usernames. We're working on photo and video capability. If this is a priority for you, please let us know.

We are here to help, [email protected] However, sometimes reporting an emergency to local law enforcement and reaching out to a lawyer is the best call. We compiled a list of pro bono, nonprofit, and government resources in our latest blog post. We also are here to help however we can. If you have specific and urgent needs, please reach out to [email protected]